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ACT Skip Hire Leading The Way

A vast majority of waste contained in skip bins has gone to landfill. This is a huge cost not only to the environment, but tipping fees are a major (and uncontrollable) proportion of the skip bin hire fee.

In response to the ACT Government’s raising of landfill-tipping fees,  to encourage a positive behavioral change toward landfill tipping, ACT Skip Hire established a Resource Recovery Facility in Hume.


The aim of this expansion and investment is to establish a large scale commercial waste reprocessing/recycling center at Hume in close proximity to ACT NOWaste’s Mugga Lane waste facility and The Resource Recovery Estate.

The facility is the first of its kind in the ACT region and provides processes that significantly reduces the volume of waste  going to landfill by as much as 70-90% (depending on the type of materials that come in).

We accepts waste from a range of sources including the commercial waste management industry such as Skip Bins, Rubbish Removers, the construction industry and demolition businesses.


The waste is hand sorted for primary recycling and transported out to specialised recycling plants around the ACT and NSW. The facility is a catalyst for the introduction of new recycling businesses on a scale not previously seen here due to the lack of suitable reprocessing infrastructure.

This facility is a key factor influencing the future direction of the waste management industry in the ACT and beyond.

Who benefits?

This facility has a significant impact on the entire ACT community in a number of respects:

The entire community has a vested interest (environmentally and economically) in the reduction of waste going to landfill.

It aligns with and actively supports the ACT Government’s policy commitment; and

It will be a catalyst for industry and employment growth.

Way ahead

The waste management industry generally operates along fundamentally simple lines. The issue of recycling introduces significant elements of engineering infrastructure that are open to new innovations.

As our facility gains momentum, we expect to introduce innovative new solutions to some of the unresolved issues around the management and treatment of residual material that currently is not recycled.

There are various examples of similar facilities in other Australian cities. In the context of the broader waste management industry nationally, the ACT leads the way in behavioral recycling.

That is, ACT residents actively seek out and promote recycling. ACT Skip Hire’s offers that ‘beyond the kerbside’ recycling to the region and is a key factor influencing the future development of the waste industry.

REcycle, REuse, REmake, REduce, REcover.

On Selling Reusable’s

LET’S RECYCLE CANBERRA SHOP has opened store to sell reusable items recovered from skip bins. The shop is opened Tuesday and Thursday 10 am till 12 pm. You will be surprised with the variety. Come and find the treasures from within.