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Green Pruning’s Only

skip bin hire in canberra

Is your garden creeping up on your house? Let us recycle your garden pruning’s.

Garden pruning’s must be no more then 20cm in diameter and 2m long, as per restrictions.

We’ve increase our price due to Corkhill’s now charging commercial businesses forĀ  drop off

Book on line or call the office 6292 8187.

Short Hire

2M3 $160 $180
3M3 $190 $210
4M3 $250 $260
6M3 $350 $360
10M3 $480 $500

Must contain green pruning’s ONLY

CREDIT CARD needed for security

Please call our friendly staff on 6292 8187, who will give you detailed information and advice, to make this easy for you.