Waste And Rubbish Removal – Canberra Options And Services

Waste And Rubbish Removal – Canberra Options And Services

There are many occasions in life when you might find yourself dealing with a lot of rubbish you need to dispose of – either you’re moving house, renovating or building. You might even just be doing a massive spring clean up and discover you had more unwanted items lying around than you realised. No matter the circumstance, understanding the waste management services Canberra offers and how to dispose of different types of rubbish will make the process a lot simpler. Often, you’ll find hiring a skip bin is just the easiest solution rather than multiple trips to the recycling facility or landfill!

Types Of Waste

No matter what you do, you’re bound to come across dozens of different types of waste in your daily life. Not all types of waste can go into the rubbish bin, and not all types of waste can go into recycling either. Understanding the difference is important to ensure you’re throwing rubbish away responsibly! This knowledge is also useful if you choose a skip bin hire or rubbish removal service, as they will have strict rules about what they can and cannot take! Here are the different types of waste and how to dispose of them:

White Goods

The term ‘white goods’ refers to household appliances like fridges, washing machines, dryers, air conditioners, and dishwashers. It’s important to dispose of them safely to prevent chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) form polluting the air. Most white goods also contain a lot of valuable scrap metal, so they’re recyclable! You can either drop white goods off at one of the resources management centres in Canberra or have them picked up in a bulky waste collection. We also accept white goods in our general waste skips.

Domestic Or Household Rubbish

General household rubbish includes everyday items and materials we use and dispose of regularly. Think kitchen waste, packaging, broken household items, and non-recyclable plastics. While much of this waste can go into your regular rubbish bin, you might need a more substantial solution if you do a big spring clean or move. In this case, hiring a skip bin might save you a few trips to the dump and make the clean-up process more manageable. Skip bins for general household waste come in various sizes to suit different needs, ensuring that you can find one that fits the volume of rubbish you need to dispose of. 

Green Waste

Green waste, or garden waste, includes grass clippings, leaves, branches, and other plant materials. Disposing of it in an environmentally friendly way is really important as it can be turned into mulch or compost rather than end up in landfill. In Canberra, many choose to compost green waste at home, turning it into valuable nutrients for their gardens. Most houses in the ACT also have green bins.

However, if you have a big gardening or landscaping project, you might end up with a lot of this type of waste on your hands. You can hire skip bins specifically for green waste if this ever happens. They’re a great way to ensure your garden waste is recycled and reused.

Recyclable Materials

Recycling plays a big part in managing waste responsibly. Disposing of recyclable materials like paper, cardboard, glass, and most plastics helps prevent them from ending up in landfill and eases pressures on the environment. For everyday recycling, you can use your yellow-lid bins for items like bottles, cans, and paper. For larger amounts or specific types like scrap metal, Canberra’s recycling drop-off centres come in handy. 

To do our part, we sort and recycle as much of the waste that comes our way as possible at ACT Skip Hire to help Canberra stay green.

Bulky Items And Hard Rubbish

When it comes to waste removal for items like unwanted furniture, you have three main options in Canberra:

  • -Take it to the landfill yourself (if your car is big enough).
  • -Book a free annual hard rubbish collection from the ACT Government.
  • -Hire a skip. 

Most furniture can be recycled, especially if it’s made from wood or metal. However, you can’t put old furniture in your household bin (even if you can get it to fit) as it can damage the machinery of recycling services.  You can also get rid of mattresses as part of your annual bulky waste collection for a $42 fee. If you choose to hire a skip, we accept mattresses and bed springs in our skip for an extra fee of $40 per item. 

Electronic Waste

E-waste includes Items like photocopiers, printers, or mobile phones that are no longer usable. Most e-waste can be recycled to recover valuable materials like aluminium and copper, reducing the need for new raw materials. However, you can’t just put it in your household bins. Instead, you have to take it to one of the waste management centres. Just make sure you take any batteries out first – they can cause a fire hazard at recycling centres.

Apple’s GiveBack program also accepts Apple products for recycling at local Apple stores, and Officeworks offers a recycling program for various electronic items like desktops, laptops, and printers (after removing cartridges).

Hazardous Waste 

Getting rid of hazardous waste responsibly is super important for the environment and our health. This type of waste includes things that are toxic, flammable, corrosive, or reactive, like batteries, cleaning products, oils, aerosol cans, asbestos, and certain electronics. You can’t just chuck these things in your regular bin. They’re a safety hazard and damage the environment if they end up in landfill. Even skip bins cannot include hazardous materials of any kind.

You can take most hazardous waste items to the Mugga Lane or Mitchell Resource Management Centres. To figure out if something counts as hazardous waste and learn how to dispose of it safely, just check out the ACT Government’s Recyclopedia. It’s got all the info you need to do the right thing and keep our environment clean.

Construction Debris

Construction debris from building or renovation work needs careful handling. This includes materials like bricks, concrete, timber, and metal. It’s important for site cleanliness and to meet environmental rules. For big jobs, many use skip bins or professional waste removal. These services can deal with lots of debris and try to recycle much of it. At ACT Skip Hire, we offer tailored rubbish removal services in Canberra for construction companies and builders, taking into account their long-term and recurring skip bin requirements.

ACT Skip Hire – Eco-Friendly And Reliable Skip Bin Company In Canberra 

If you’re looking to hire skip bins instead of carting rubbish to the tip back and forth, contact us. We offer reliable and environmentally conscious skip bin services, servicing the Canberra region and Queanbeyan. Give us a call today for a free quote or fill out an enquiry on our website, and we’ll get back to you promptly and help you pick the right option from our range of skips for hire as soon as possible. 

We’re also happy to answer any questions about responsible waste recycling in Canberra. We have decades of experience providing rubbish removal in Canberra and would love to help you out!